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Call Center License

What is a call center license? Many states (33) require telemarketers to obtain a call center license before they can call to or from those states.  Call Centers are an important part of our national and global economy. They play valuable roles in many different industries.  Call centers are subject to many telemarketing regulations and call center license requirements. Call center licenses vary by state.  This website is designed to help call centers and telemarketers understand state call center licenses.

Is there a Federal call center license?  There is NO federal call center license requirement, but remember to purchase and scrub against the national do not call law list.

If I already have a local telemarketing license in my home state, isn't that all I need?  No. Virtually all states which require a local telemarketing license, require you to get that state's license if you call into that state. Generally, states do not care where your call center is located - they care whether you are calling their residents. For example, even if you have no physical presence in the state of California, you still need a California telemarketing license if you want to call Californians. Some exemptions apply.

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CALL CENTER LICENSE EXEMPTIONS:  Some call center license exemptions to the call center licenses may apply.  Licensing fees and bond requirements vary. For further information please visit telemarketing licenses, telemarketing bonds, or contact a qualified Call Center Telemarketing Attorney.


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